Donating To The Homeless!

That’s my son, Kyle, who volunteers with the homeless ministry at his church in Atlanta. He came home to visit and I loaded him up with an abundance of my stock pile.

15 – Bags Sanitary Pads

4 – Bags of disposable razors

12 – Toothbrushes

4- Tubes toothpaste

4 – Dish washing liquid

2 – Cortaid

6 – Wet Ones

6 – Tide single use laundry detergent

4 – First Aid Kits

8 – Deodorants

2 – Bags cough drops

You can’t see all of the items because they’re stacked sooo deep. Even though I gave away quite a bit, my stock pile looks like it wasn’t even touched. I don’t want to be a hoarder – I want to share my blessings. If you have a good stock pile would you please consider donating some of your items to charity?

My son also made the t-shirt he is wearing. “Honor the Good Doctor”  (Martin Luther King)

NVR “nonviolentrevolution”

All of the proceeds he makes from selling the shirts go directly to the homeless; he only keeps enough to cover his cost for making them. My son makes me so proud!


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