Top 10 Couponing Tips | How to be Smart and Effective with Coupons

Have you been looking for tips and tricks to help you
get the most for your coupons?

Well I’m here to help you with that endeavor.

Below, I’m going to show you my top 10 smart and effective
ways to use your coupons so you get the most benefit out of them.

Smart and Effective Way to Use Your Coupons – Number 1:

Start slow.

You do not have to go to three or four stores at a time
in right at the beginning. Trying to can be overwhelming
when you’re first starting out!

When you are still trying to sharpen your skills and get
a handle on how couponing works, it is easy enough to
get lost so don’t go overboard with your initial excitement.

Take things one step at a time and as you practice, the
ability to juggle purchases in multiple stores for the least
amount of cash will begin to come naturally.

Something to remember: when it comes to couponing,
it is not how much you save on each individual item -
but how much you save in the long run.

Smart and Effective Way to Use Your Coupons – Number 2:

Create a separate email address for coupon purposes only.

One of the great ways to obtain more coupons is through
the internet. You can get tons of printable coupons from
various discount websites and from the official websites of
manufacturers and stores themselves.

Most of the time, to get the best quality of coupons, it’s a
good idea to sign up for these internet coupon resource’s
email newsletter.

And the smartest thing to do is create a separate email
address like a Gmail or a Hotmail just for the sole purpose
of getting coupons.

Having a “coupon email” is a great way to organize your
coupons and prevent junk mail from mixing with your
personal mail.


Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 3:

Protect your privacy!

Sometimes when you get coupons from the stores or from
online resources, they ask you for your phone number…

NEVER give out your personal or home number.

They do not need that to give you the coupons that you need.

If you absolutely must provide a phone number, give them
the weather hotline or an old land line of yours that no
one uses.

Similar to creating a separate email address for coupon
purposes, not giving up your phone number protects your
privacy and avoids unnecessary hassles or interruptions.

Smart and Effective Way to Use Your Coupons – Number 4:

Mistakes are a part of couponing.

Even people who have used coupons for a long time still make
mistakes. Mistakes are just part of what it means to be human.

So don’t be too tough on yourself and stress yourself out by
treating mistakes like some sort of deathly plague.

The most important thing here is that you use coupons every
time you shop and if a mistake happens, try your best to get
through it smoothly.

Sometimes all of your issues get resolved, other times you just have
to swallow pride and move on. But the world will not end if you
make a mistake and the most important bit is that you learn
from it so don’t be afraid – keep on moving forward!

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 5

Have the right mindset!

Coupons are cash.

The reason why coupons are so big these days is that many people
have finally come to realize the huge money saving potential that
coupons bring.

You see, in the past, coupons have been snubbed because people
fail to look at the bigger picture but now coupons are becoming
popular because they are the same as having cash in your hands.

Want solid proof?

Let’s say you have just gotten home from the store, but as soon as
you walk in the door you realize you have a coupon for a particular
product that you bought.
You can return to the store, show them your receipt, hand the
coupons over and they will reimburse you, no questions asked.

That’s instant cash back. Cash – that you can touch, see, and smell
(not that you’d want to… who smells dollar bills? ew.)

But you get the point, getting that cash will make the connection
between coupons and money click faster and more securely than
anything we can tell you.

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 6:

Get to know the store employees

Managers, cashiers, customer service clerks – these are all people at
the store who can help you have the most pleasant couponing
experience so it pays to get to know them!

If you have issues regarding your coupons or if you have questions,
they are the people who can help you sort things out.

All it takes is a cheerful hello and some friendly questions and bam!
The hard part is done.

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 7:

Print the Store Coupon Policy

The more you use coupons, the more you will realize
how important this strategy is.

If there is anything that you need to do before
shopping with your coupons, it has got to be getting to
know the store’s coupon policy, printing it out, and even
taking it with you in your coupon binder each time you
visit the store.

Having the coupon policy with you can be very handy
because sometimes there will be cashiers who or clerks
who are clueless about their own couponing policy.

If there is a question sometimes it is best to whip out
that coupon policy and tell them, “Well this is what it
says here. I’m not making this up.”

The coupon policy is always the best way to back up
your stance, so don’t overlook it!

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 8:

Check for Inserts!

The Sunday paper is a great way to get your coupons.
They come in the circulars and for sure, you have a
subscription for the coupons that come with the circulars.

—side note
If you are purchasing your newspapers from the stores,
make sure you check for the circulars inside. That way
you don’t buy a paper and then realize there are no
circulars or inserts.

It may sound crazy, but there are people who steal circulars.

When you see these kinds of newspapers, don’t buy them.
But do tell a manager or clerk that there are no inserts in
that paper so that no one will get the paper for the coupons
and be frustrated to find them missing.

(remember number 6 – develop good relationships with the
store employees)
end side note—

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 9:

Look Out for Birthday Coupons

Birthday coupons are fantastic little gifts that come from
manufacturers, stores, and even restaurants to help you
celebrate your birthday.

If it is your birthday, simply go to their website and look
for birthday coupons or simply type in birthday on their
search tab and you are most likely to find all sorts of freebies,
gifts, and great bargains especially for you on your special

With what you find you’ll be so busy getting free jewelry,
eating free ice cream, and earning special discounts out
of these coupons You’ll forget that everything’s not always
free! It is really a great way to spend your day!

And now – for the conclusion….

Smart and Effective Ways to Use Your Coupons – Number 10:

Remember – Rejections Happen

As mentioned, earlier, mistakes are unavoidable and you
just have to brush yourself off and move on.

Do not be the type of person who fights the cashiers at the
checkout counter. Sometimes you just have to learn to let
things go.

The most important thing is you learn from your experiences
and use them to motivate you to do better next time!

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Good Luck and Happy Couponing!

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