Why You Should Ditch Your Warehouse Club

Reason #103 why you should ditch your Warehouse Club

 I can’t go into a wholesale club without cringing.  Everything looks ridiculously overpriced.  Things like bottled water, barbecue sauce, frozen chicken breasts, soy milk, dish and laundry detergent…the two-pack of cereal that costs a whopping $8.00 . . .  I can’t believe they’re succesfully getting people to pay an annual fee just so they can turn around and rip them off with cereal mark-ups!

In case you need a shining example of why you should NOT be shopping at members only wholesale clubs, take razors:

This week Schick 3 or 5 blade razors are Free at EACH of the 3 national drugstores: Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid.  The razors come with an extra cartridge, so if you purchase 6 razors, that’s 12 cartridges, or about a year supply.  There are both $4/1 Schick 3 and $4/1 Schick 5 razor coupons in today’s paper, so with only 3 copies of the paper, you’ll get a year supply of razors for free.

OR. . . you can pay an annual membership fee AND pay $45 for 15 blades at Costco. . . you do the math.

**Special thanks to krazycouponlady.com**


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