Are YOU a Swaggernaut?

Swaggernaut . . . is that some sort of alien being who has a swagger, just like Mick Jagger?

There is an amazing search engine called SWAG BUCKS where you earn points merely for searching stuff, taking surveys, doing tasks, buying special offers, being a sleuth code hunter, and much more. I began using SB as my search engine this September and have earned $125 in Amazon Gift Cards, which was ALL absolutely FREE! When you earn SB’s they are automatically stored into your account – sort of like a savings account. Most folks go for the Amazon Gift Cards because you can buy most anything from Come Cyber Monday I am going to buy a Dyson Animal Vacuum that lists new in the $600+ range, yet they are marked down on Amazon. I found one for $350 and with my $150 in Amazon Gift Cards I will pay a skosh over half off.

Come January I will be even more diligent in looking for ways to earn SB’s; which I can use throughout the year to purchase birthday gifts, baby gifts, “I love you gifts” and best of all, wait until Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving) to REALLY SCORE BIG!

When you sign up to use SB as your main search engine you automatically get 30 SB’s added to your account. Invite as many of your friends to sign up under you and you also get residuals from their account. (This is by NO means a pyramid scheme). Go to to learn more).

My birthday is coming up soon, so I will earn 50 SB’s; which is one more reason to celebrate your birthday!

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