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Finally, there are some GREAT deals this week in the stores in my area – GA. All of you should have a Walmart in your area and their sales are the same across the board; so you can do this, too.



Receipt shows:

Total Amount: $42.44

Amount Paid: $15.97

It is very sad that those few items would come to such a high amount. This is THE reason I use coupons strategically.

My deals at Walmart this week. 10/10/11

1 8pkg SPARKLE paper towels

8 Cover Girl blushes 4-$8 coupons

3 Texas Pete hot sauce 3-.55 coupons

3 Dr Peppers FREE coupons

4 potatoes

1 pkg elastic

2 pieces felt

1/2 yard o

f useable material

1 can LeSeur peas

**There are several more freebies, but I had used the coupons on previous sales.**

1 can cream of chicken soup