Are You a Re-Gifter?

Oh my gosh! We have all opened a gift only to find it to be THE most hideous thing we have ever seen! What do we do? Of course we have to look like we love it and ooh and ahh over it, right? Or, do you automatically say: “What on earth were you thinking when you bought this for me. I thought you knew me?” I think we would only hear that from a spouse.

OK, so now to the good stuff. Do you re-gift? I have, and numerous times. If you’re familiar with the White Elephant Gift exchange you know you have a prime opportunity to unload the ghastly gift; just make sure the person who gave it to you is not at the party.

I have heard horror stories of people re-gifting so many times that the “bad gift” was given back to the giver. OUCH! Tell us about your tackiest, wackiest give you’ve ever received. Did you re-gift or burn it? If my husband were to eve receive a robe like the one here I would burn it for him (unless I was the one who gave it to him). HEE HEE!

Did you have that special aunt who always knitted you a very bright, tight fitting sweater every year, or you have¬† so many ties you could open your own tie shop? What about the boy in “A Christmas Story” who received the funny bunny outfit from his aunt? Now that was funny.

We could all use a good laugh during this hustling, bustling time of the year, so tell us about your gift(s), if you re-gifted, if you got busted and even upload a pic or two. We will be more than happy to share it with our fans! What do you have to loose? Oh, a little self-respect? That ain’t so bad! (Bad English, but it gets my point across).



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