Free Bath & Body Works Signature Collection Sample

I love ANYTHING that Bath & Body Works has in their stores. Anytime I see a freebie like this I try my best to go to my nearest store to snag one, or ask the hubs to; he doesn’t mind – he likes me smelling purdy!

How to get it: To get yours, go to a Bath & Body Works location near you and use code 5701. Offer valid until February 20! All you have to do is give them the code # at check out; it’s just that easy!


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  1. Ryan says:

    Question about the Target printable cpuoons. Once printed, are the ONLY ones that you can also use a Mfg coupon with the ones that either have a Target logo or state Target Web Coupon? It seems that there are quite a lot of Mfg cpuoons on their site and I wasn’t sure if I could also use a 2nd Mfg coupon when purchasing. Thanks!!

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