How many LIKES can we get in ONE day?



WOW! Did you guys ever surpass all of our expectations by helping us get 10,000 LIKES during our first two weeks on the web and Face Book.  We can’t thank you enough.

We would be elated if you helped us by guessing how many LIKES we can get in one single day. Yep, post your guess and let’s see who gets the closest. We have a lot of followers. Imagine if all 10K+ LIKED us in one day! I think we would break a world record!

Tell your friends,family,mail carrier, cashier, doctor, pets, and anyone else you can think of, about us. Now, we would hate to crash the system, but if it could be fixed in a jif it would be sooo worth it.

Y’all are THE best!

Thanks from Tammie ~ Your Coupon Coach & Team

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