Nielsen Homescan Panel – Earn Prizes For Scanning Your Groceries


If you haven’t signed up for the Nielsen Consumer Panel yet, you might want to consider doing so!   It’s not a typical survey company (you get prizes instead of cash), but it has a good reputation, and the prizes can help save on your Christmas/Birthday budget!
Basically, you buy what you would normally buy, and then you (or the kids!) scan the UPCs with a little scanning device.  Everytime you scan your purchases, you earn points that you can redeem for prizes.

If they do not need consumer/scanners in your area – but you  never know until you try.

“A bad thing happens when you don’t  “go for it” NOTHING HAPPENS!

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up for Nielsen Homescan National Consumer Panel HERE (Free to join).

2. Nielsen will send you a hand-held scanner in the mail.

3. Whenever you shop, use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases.

4.  Once a week you will upload the information from the scanner onto your computer and send it to Nielsen.

5.  Earn points to redeem towards free products!

Not everyone qualifies for the program (and sometimes it takes a while before they contact you), but if you do qualify you have the option to try it out for a little while and if it isn’t a good fit for you then you can return the scanner (they even pay for shipping it back).



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  1. Lustyanti says:

    Julie- If you notice some say taregt web coupon, and are not manufacture, then there are some that are manufacture but have the taregt bullseye on the coupon, the web coupons that do not state manufacture can be stacked with a manufacture coupon, but the ones that simply have the bullseye but are manufacture coupons can’t be stacked hope my tired brain didn’t make it more confusing >.<

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