Trouble With Printable Coupons?

I have received several comments recently about some grocery stores and national chain stores refusing to accept coupons printed from the internet.

If this has happened to you, here are a few things you can do:

1) Check to see if the store has a coupon policy posted on their website. If so, print it out and bring it with you when you go shopping so that you can show the cashier (or manager if need be) the corporate policy if a problem arises.

2) If a store does not have their coupon policy online, then you can email or call the store’s corporate customer service and ask them what their policy is. Then print out the email they send back, or write down the info you received from the phone call and bring that with you the next time you shop at the store.

3) It amazes me that some of the stores who say they will not accept internet coupons have internet coupons to print ON THE STORE WEBSITE! Two stores that came up in comments this past week (IGA and Albertsons) both have printable coupons that you can print directly from the store websites! I’m sure informing the manager of this will help to resolve any problems.

4) Program the number for corporate into your cell phone and call them from the store! You can find this number on the store website. The customer service rep. will many times talk to the manager directly and help to resolve the issue.

5) If you have an especially bad experience, make sure to file a complaint. When the manager at my local Walmart decided to tell his employees that they were not accepting internet coupons, I called and filed a complaint with Walmart corporate. I got a call from the manager at my local Walmart the next day saying that he was sorry for the misunderstanding and that they DO accept internet coupons!

What has been your experience in this area? Do you have a printable coupon story or a comment you would like to share?

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