Vistaprint Dynamic Deal Embroidered Stockings $7.99!!

I sure wish I had found this amazing deal earlier today so NO ONE would miss out on it; maybe if you’re a night own you won’t. And for those who live out west you should have more time. I know I’m going to SCORE a couple of these cute stockings. BTW ~ I have been using Vistaprint for YEARS for business cards that I design, birth announcements, baby shower invitations, bridal shower invitations,  t-shirts and much much more, all for FREE!! Yep, they run deals on a daily basis. Enough about that, let’s get on to the details regarding the embroidered stocking before you run out of time reading this.

Vistaprint has an AMAZING deal today only!! Get Embroidered stocking for $7.99 with free 7 day shipping!!!  Be sure to go here to check it out!!

Frugal Gift Idea

You can use the stocking as the “wrapping” on a stockpile gift! Fill it to the top with all sorts of goodies!! And the recipient will be able to use the stocking year after year!!

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