FREE Samples in The Mail!

I used to dread going to the mailbox because most of my mail was bills, but that has changed. Just yesterday I received FOUR samples; FOUR in one day! I’m used to getting 3-4 in one week, but I hit the jack pot yesterday. You too, can receive FREE samples in the mail by going to mfgr websites,, and numerous places on the web. You name a product, and you can receive a sample of it. Here is what I got yesterday.

1 – New Kleenex Soft, along with coupon

2 -Playtex Sport body wipes with coupon

1 -Breath Right nasal strip

1 – Olay acne repair

(Immediately after posting this I went to the mail box and there was a FREE sample of ORIGAINS Plantscriptions anti-aging treatment. So, that’s five samples within two days)!


**I don’t use the last two products, but I know those who do, so I NEVER turn down a free offer and neither should you! The items I do use  make their way into stockings, and I have donated a lot to my church.**

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