Kroger Deals 11/12/11 ~ SOUP’S ON!

It’s a good thing my family likes home made stews, soups, sauces and casseroles, because I have enough chicken &  beef broth, and cream of chicken & mushroom soup to last for 6-9 months, if not more! I got these items as part of Kroger’s MEGA EVENT SALE. I had to buy ten – out of hundreds of products to get $5 off my total order; which I did three times.

You can’t see all of the boxes of broth, but there are 15 BIG boxes, 8 small cans, and 10 cans of soup.

I had three separate transactions because I found more Swanson coupons. What I have listed includes each transaction. I don’t remember the prices of EVERYTHING because I misplaced my receipt; I’m sure it’s hiding out with all of the boxes of chicken broth! But I do remember the total of each receipt. I always write my savings and oop in a spiral notebook I take into all of the stores. It sure feels good to pull out cold, hard cash instead of a debit card when you find prices this low.

5 – Scotch Brite Sponges: Sale Price $1.39, Mega Event, Plus mfgr coupon, Final Price $.64

2 – Toothbrushes – Clearance, 2 Kroger Coupon & 2 mfgr Coupon – FREE!

1 – Bag of Lay’s Potato Chips – Kroger coupon – FREE!

1- Kroger sandwich baggies $0.48

1 – Dog treats – FREE (give away as promo)

15- Large boxes of Swanson Broth ~ $0.50 each after buying 5 for Mega Event Sale & mfgr coupons.

10-Small cans of Swanson broth ~ $0.29 after buying 5 for Mega Event Sale & mfgr coupons.

8-Small cans of Swanson broth ~ $0.29 after buying 5 for Mega Event Sale  – mfgr coupons 

Cream of Chicken & Mushroom Soup ~ $0.37 each after buying 5 for Meg event sale & mfgr coupons.

First Transaction

Paid: $5.26

Saved: $16.79

Second Transaction

Paid: $4.49

Saved: $11.10

Third Transaction


Saved: $11.10


Total Savings: $38.99

Kroger has Tyson chicken breasts with rib meat @ $0.99 a lb, which I plan on picking up tomorrow. Don’t forget to ask your butcher to take the skin off the chicken and/or cut it into chunks, strips, etc. Of course they re-wrap it with the original price.

Compared to what you see on TLC’s EXTREME COUPONING, my amount may seem like a lot, but it sure Isn’t to me. I feel like I SCORED some great deals. Never beat yourself up if you can’t get your total bill down to $0.11.

Come on, show us your BIG FAT SCORES!!!

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