Top 3 Couponing iPad Apps

Hey Couponers!

How’s the iPad-a-day Giveaway going for ya?
Anyone get a winner email???

Yes?  *I break out in a crazy excited dance*

No? – don’t worry, it’s not over yet!

To really get in the iPad “groove” I decided to search out
what apps were available for couponing (or if there even
were any) and wala – I found 3 that look especially promising.
So much so that I just had to share them with y’all!


1. SnipSnap Coupon App

Toss out the scissors and let your iPad camera do the clipping.
Simply snap a picture of any printed offer, and SnipSnap
magically converts all the text, images and bar codes into a
mobile-optimized offer, which you can redeem off your screen.


  • In-Store Reminders
  • Scans ALL coupons
  • Expiration Date Alerts
  • and more!

- definitely can’t wait to start using this one! -


 2. Grocery Pal (In-store weekly savings, circular & coupons)

This amazing app points you toward sale items at your local
supermarkets and discount stores every week! Find weekly sales
from Walgreens, CVS/pharmacy, Walmart, RiteAid, Target, H-E-B,
and 100 of other stores!


  • Browse weekly savings at local supermarkets and chain stores
  • Compare current prices across multiple stores
  • Track paper coupons with % savings, BOGO and expiry


3. The Coupons App

Unbelievable coupon savings at your favorite stores, restaurants & gas
stations – coupons always at your fingertips, everywhere you go!


  • Coupon Widget
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Voice Search Coupons


I’m gonna get started using these right away – let me know which couponing
apps are your favorite!

Oh – and don’t forget to keep submitting your email and see if you will be one
of the  iPad-a-day Giveaway winners!

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