Counterfeit Coupon Operation busted in Phoenix

Hey Couponers,

So you know how everyone stresses about how you don’t normally need to pay for coupons? And pretty much the only time you do is when you buy the Paper? Well there’s a reason why…..

On Tuesday, July 10th, local police raided homes of the three culpraites and confiscated about 25 million in fraudulent coupons. That comes to about $400 to $600 million in losses for the targeted companies.

After a 4 year investigation, which began with high qualtiy copies of manufacturer coupons showing up out of the blue, authorities pinpointed the source as a website based out of Arizona –

Mike Gertzman from the AZFamily News said this in his article:
This is an international investigation because we know that the coupons we’re talking about were not manufactured here in the United States but they were shipped here and then distributed via the Internet and other media outlets,” said Officer James Holmes with the Phoenix Police Dept.

“She [ringleader - Ramirez] would bring in these coupons from overseas in large quantities, quantities we never could imagine and she would sell them on her website for about 50 percent of face value,” said Sgt. Davide Lake with the Phoenix Police Dept.

The Coupon Information Corporation is calling this the largest counterfeit coupon case the industry has ever seen.

“They are variations, reproductions of what were, at one point, legitimate coupons,” said Bud Miller with the Coupon Information Corporation. “If you’re a consumer out there and you purchased coupons from this website you certainly should not use them. You are subject to arrest.

All that to say: Never, Never, Never pay for coupons that you did not buy yourself from the Sunday paper. Even from insert companies who sell the whole inserts, you can NOT be certain where the inserts are coming from. There is ALWAYS the possibility that they were stolen from the newspapers. And since coupons are a form of cash you can be prosecuted for using illegitamit copies.

For more information about coupons you can go to the Coupon Information Center – to read more about what went down in Arizona read the rest of the article on AZFamily News

- thanks to I Heart the Mart for sharing this big piece of news and AZFamily News for reporting it.

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