Kroger Deal Part 2 from 10/30/11

Kroger transaction number two. When you have a 10 item MEGA EVENT SALE it is always best to check out per the amount of 10 items. Below is what I bought AFTER my first transaction. These items are NOT part of the MEGA EVENT.

1 Bottle Dawh Dish Liquid -  $1.49 ($.50 coupon/doubled to $1.00)

1 YoBaby Yogurt – $2.69 ($.1.00 mfgr coupon)

1 A&D Ointment – $4.49 ($3 mfgr coupon)

1 Mahatma Rice – $1.29 ($.50 mfgr coupon/doubled to $1.00)

Total: $9.86

OOP: $4.26


Catalina from previous transaction of buying six boxes of Kleenex. I will take the receipt back to the store to get $1.50 cash in my hand; which brings total to $2.76. Again, I did NOT use my debit card, I gave the cashier cold, hard cash. CHA CHING!!!

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