Sunday Coupon Preview for 2/12 – 2 Inserts

This Sunday you should see 2 inserts in your paper, 1 – Smartsource and 1 – Redplum. Please note that some coupons and values may vary by region. This is just to give you an idea of what to expect.

I see a LOT of coupons I use and more important, need! YAY! I’ll buy a few extra papers this week for sure.

Smartsource Insert
Activia $1/1 4-pack including Stonyfield (exp.3/19/12)
Arm & Hammer $1/2 laundry product (exp.4/1/12)
Axe $1/1 4oz bodyspray, 2.7oz anti-perspirant and deodorant or 3oz deodorant ets (exp.3/11/12) LIMIT 2 COUPONS IN SAME SHOPPING TRIP
Bausch+Lomb $5/1 Ocuvite product (exp.4/30/12)
Bissell $1/1 carpet cleaning powder or carpet cleaning foam (exp.4/30/12)
Bissell $1/1 Stomp’N Go (exp.4/30/12)
Buitoni $2/1 Frozen Complete Meal for Two (exp.5/12/12)
Campbell’s $.40/2 condensed soups excluding Chicken Noodle, Tomato & Great for Cooking soups (exp.4/15/12)
Campbell’s $.40/4 condensed Chicken Noodle & Tomato soups (exp.4/15/12)
Chinet $.75/1 Comfort Cup 12oz or 16oz (exp.4/29/12)
Colgate $.75/1 Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro-Relief 4oz+ (exp.3/3/12)
Cortizone 10 $1/1 Hydratensive Body Lotion (exp.3/31/12)
Cortizone 10 $1/1 item (exp.3/31/12)
Daisy $.45/1 cottage cheese (exp.4/30/12)
Dr. Scholl’s $5/1 Custom Fit Orthotics (exp.3/11/12)
French’s 4.50/1 French Fried Onions (exp.4/15/12)
GE $1/1 Energy Efficient Soft White or Clear Halogen, Reveal, Energy Smart CFL or LED lighting product (exp.4/14/12)
Glade $.55/1 Premium Room Spray 9.7oz (exp.3/24/12)
Glade $1.50/1 Plug-Ins Scented Oil warmer (exp.3/24/12)
Glade $1/1 Decor Scents holder or $1/2 refills (exp.3/24/12)
Glade $2/1 Plug-Ins Scented Oil twin refill (exp.3/24/12)
Glade $2/2 4oz Jar or Scented Oil candle products (exp.3/24/12)
Glade $3.50/1 Sense & Spray starter kit (exp.3/24/12)
Gold Bond $1/1 Anti-itch Lotion or Maximum Relief/Intensive Healing Cream (exp.3/31/12)
Gold Bond $1/1 Medicated Lotion (exp.3/31/12)
Hill’s $3/1 Science Diet Ideal Balance Canine dry food (exp.6/30/12)
Hill’s $3/1 Science Diet Ideal Balance Feline dry food (exp.6/30/12)
Hormel $.55/1 Compleats Kids microwave meal (exp.4/8/12)
Hormel $1/1 Always Tender flavored meant (exp.4/9/12)
Hormel $1/1 Country Crock side dish (exp.4/9/12)
Hormel $1/1 Refrigerated Entree (exp.4/9/12)
Hormel $1/2 Compleats microwave meals (exp.4/8/12)
Huggies $.50/1 baby wipes 56ct+ (exp.3/10/12)
Huggies $.75/1 Pull-Ups flushable moist wipes ets (exp.3/10/12)
Huggies $1.50/1 Diapers (exp.3/10/12)
Huggies $1.50/1 Pull-Ups Training Pants jumbo pack+ (exp.3/10/12)
Huggies $2/1 Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers or Overnite Diapers (exp.3/10/12)
John Frieda $3/2 fullsize products excludes trial sizes, appliances, brushes and Precision Foam Colour (exp.4/28/12)
John Frieda $3/2 Root Awakening hair care products ets (exp.5/31/12)
Johnsonville $.50/1 Italian sausage (exp.3/31/12)
Kleenex $.50/3 50ct+ boxes or $.50/1 bundle pack ets dnd (exp.3/11/12)
Kraft $.55/1 grated parmesan cheese (exp.3/15/12)
Lloyd’s $1/1 Barbecue product (exp.4/9/12)
L’Oreal $2/1 shade of Preference (exp.4/8/12)
Mazola $.50/1 oil or spray product (exp.4/15/12)
Poise $1.50/1 Hourglass shape pads (exp.3/24/12)
Poise $1/1 product (exp.3/24/12)
Post $1/1 Raisin Bran (exp.3/25/12)
Precious $1/1 block mozzarella, fresh mozzarella or home style shred mozzarella cheese dnd (exp.5/31/12)
Precious $1/1 ricotta cheese dnd (exp.5/31/12)
S&W $1/2 cans of The Recipe Collections Beans (exp.5/31/12)
Schick $2/1 Hydro razor (exp.3/25/12)
Schick $2/1 Hydro refill (exp.3/25/12)
SeaPak $.75/1 item (exp.3/31/12)
So Delicious Dairy Free $1/1 any item (exp.4/30/12)
Stride $1/2 single packs (exp.4/7/12)
TruMoo $.55/1 half gallon+ chocolate milk (exp.3/11/12)
Waggin Train $1.50/1 3oz+ dog treats pack excluding Chicken Jerky Tenders (exp.3/25/12)
Waggin Train $3/2 3oz+ dog treats packs (exp.3/25/12)
Zantac $2/1 product 24ct+ (exp.5/31/12)

Red Plum Insert
Centrum $2/1 Silver 60ct+ (exp.4/8/12)
Centrum $3/1 Specialist (exp.4/8/12)
Clairol $2/1 box hair color ets (exp.3/31/12)
Fixodent $.75/1 cleanser ets (exp.3/31/12)
Fixodent $1/1 adhesive 1.05oz+ ets (exp.3/31/12)
got2b $3/1 full size product (exp.5/12/12)
M&M’s $1.50/2 chocolate candies 9.4oz+ dnd (exp.3/25/12)
Nature’s Bounty $7/1 Co Q-10 Ubiquinol (exp.3/28/12)
New York Color $1/1 product $1.72 or more (exp.3/3/112)
Nivea $1.50/1 body lotion 8.4floz-16.9floz (exp.3/11/12)
Nivea $1.50/1 body wash for women 8.4oz-16.9oz (exp.2/25/12)
Nivea $2/1 Q10 Skin Firming product 2.5floz-13.5floz (exp.3/11/12)
Nivea $3/2 lip care products .17oz stick – .35oz tube (exp.2/25/12)
Nivea for Men $1.50/1 body wash 8.4oz-16.9oz (exp.2/25/12)
Nivea for Men $2/1 face care of $2/2 shave gels .5oz-7oz (exp.2/25/12)
Olay $3/2 facial moisturizers, facial cleansers or facial hair removal products ets (exp.3/31/12)
Osteo Bi-FLex $5/1 caplets, softgels or powder excludes liquids (exp.3/28/12)
Plus White $2/1 product (exp.3/31/12)
Rimmel London $1/1 accelerator mascara or serum (exp.4/30/12)
Rimmel London $1/1 product (exp.4/30/12)
Secret $1/1 ets (exp.3/31/12)
Sundown Naturals $1/1 vitamin or supplement (exp.3/28/12)

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