A Radical Revelation – Saving Money with Laundry

Hey Couponers – Happy Monday!

Now I have a question for you – do you do laundry? Once a week? Twice a week? Throughout the week?

I recently discovered a collection of moms who share their laundry stories and techniques with the world – some of them hilariously funny and others extremely efficient… One in particular stood out to me and really seemed to apply here in our “world of couponing”.

As couponers we sometimes struggle with “getting it all done” especially if you’re just beginning. Here’s what “Laundry Mom Erin” had to say about getting to that place where she was “done“. And the secret she learned to get there…

“As a mother of eight, married 20 years, dwelling happily with ten lively and creative people…..laundry is not something I can easily (if ever) escape.

For years and years I have tried systems, designated wash days of the week, even emergency trips to the Laundromat with a bucket of quarters in tow.

There were many times my mother would visit and peek in at my laundry pile, shake her head and say “why don’t you let me take this home and help you?”, not knowing that I had just finished 40 loads and she was looking at my pile on a GOOD day.

I had never, ever arrived at that elusive yet blissful land called “DONE”. I really, honestly didn’t know there was such a place until… I was introduced to a radical new way of doing laundry!”

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Now I really “clicked” with what the “laundry moms” are saying… Being able to save/make money doing laundry (I mean, since I have to do it anyway!)

Let me know in the comments below what you thought and if you’d like to see more like them!


As always – Happy Couponing!


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