HOT DEAL! One-Year Subscription to Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food

Whether we’re arranging an autumn tablescape, helping a friend redecorate, or putting the perfect touches on a Halloween cupcake, we’d be lost without a little inspiration from Martha Stewart. This deal gives you the inside scoop from our go-to guru on matters of the home: For $19, you’ll get a one-year subscription to both Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food (a $39 value). Focusing on the DIY spirit, these award-winning publications give readers the 411 on recipes for fresh, elegant meals; easy steps for seasonal crafts; and affordable tips for maintaining a healthy body, beautiful garden, and balanced life.

Poure over a total of 22 issues full of engaging articles and full-color photos, and discover the best of kitchen products, wedding gifts, holiday cocktails, and more. This deal gets you the lowdown on living well — from hosting to toasting, and everything in between.

Get your year subscription for only $19

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