Kroger Deals 10/30/11

I have been under the weather for about four days now so I don’t have deals to show you for this week, yet. I sure hope I feel well enough by tomorrow to go to a couple of stores.

I SCORED some great deals at Kroger last week; they had a MEGA EVENT SALE which consisted of buying 10 of literally hundreds of items  in the store to get $5 off your total bill.

Four cans Heinz gravy -  $1.25 each (part of mega event, so I paid $.50 each)

Six boxes Kleenex – $0.50 each (part of mega event)

I had six $.50 off coupons for the Kleenex, which doubled to $1.00, making them free.

I did NOT have coupons for the gravy, but they were a good deal and helped me get ten items for $5 off the total bill.

Total paid: $4.45

Total saved: $12.92, which is 75% savings. (I always strive for 50% or higher).

Typically, Kleenex are $2 and some change, so even at $.50 each they were a good deal. I loved the fact that I did not have to use my debit card, I gave the cashier cold, hard cash.

**I did shop at Walmart & Publix last week but the shelves were wiped clean. Thank goodness for rain checks.**

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