Only $2 for most $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates!

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If you have never used and have questions, please read my Q&A below – you will be glad you did!

$25 Restaurant.Com Gift Certificates for $5 or LESS!

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Coupon Coach Q & A about

 Q: There’s a catch right?

A: Well kind of. When you redeem your certificate your bill has to be at least $35 (some are now $50). So you buy the certificate for $2, you have to spend at least $35, then they take off $25 and add 18% gratuity based on the original bill. Total cost for you will be $18 including the original $2 (based on 80% discount) for the certificate. $35bill-$25gc=$10+$6tip+$2cert=$18

Q: Have I actually used a restaurant certificate?

A: Yes, I would not post a deal such as this if I had not used it, AND done the  math. I have redeemed certificates a couple of Italian restaurants, several pizza joints, a few Mexican restaurants, AND have given numerous certificates to others who have been very pleased. I have TWO certificates I have yet to use, but I”m not worried because I have one year to use them.  I am not worried I have one year to use them!

Q: How do I know which restaurants I can go to?

A: When you get to the site you enter in your zip code to get restaurants local to you! I LOVE supporting restaurants in my local community. And, if you’re traveling you can put in the zip of the area and eat inexpensively anywhere you go. Plus, I love an excuse as to why I should NOT have to cook!

Q: I want to eat out tonight. Do I have to wait for the certificate to arrive in the mail?

A: No, you print it from your home computer. If you can’t print right away they will email you the certificate. Or, if you are giving a certificate as a gift you can call and ask for a “plastic card”, which will be mailed to you or the recipient. To me this looks like you put effort and thought into their gift – it looks nicer than a printed sheet of paper.

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