One of the questions I’ve been getting a lot lately is where to find a good rate on newspapers that makes it inexpensive to get multiple inserts, so I’ve been working on trying to find that information for you all. Discounts vary from state to state and even region to region. I could give you the price for the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, but that wouldn’t help you if you live in RI, or even CA; keeping in mind that metro areas have more coupons in their inserts. However, if you live near a metro area, but it is not delivered to you, go ahead and call and have them mail it to you. A lot of people do this. Right now the newspaper industry is having a hard time, and many are closing because of the capability of reading news on the internet and printing coupons as well.  Below is information on how to get FREE inserts that would apply to anyone.

Right now most state are offering a great deal on newspaper subscriptions where you can get the Sunday paper delivered to your home “X amount” for 6 months. The amount of papers you can get delivered varies.

The second option is to get a weekend subscription (Friday, Saturday & Sunday delivery)  for 12 months. If you already subscribe, you can still get these rates for additional subscriptions as long as your total subscriptions do not exceed 10 per household (in most areas).

For everyone else, there are ways to get inserts for FREE.

  1. Sign up for a FREE Redplum insert, if you don’t get it in the Sunday paper for your region. Go to
  2. Ask all your friends and family. This may seem obvious but once people know you as “the coupon queen” they’ll bring you their inserts, if they don’t use coupons.
  3. Many different regions get a midweek delivery of the upcoming Sunday Coupon Insert. Call your newspaper to find out if this is available in your region. For example, the AJC‘s EVENING EDGE is targeted to surrounding cities and is delivered on Thursdays with smaller versions of the upcoming Sunday circulars. If this is the case, you can get YOUR newspaper, then hit up the apartment complexes or other places where there’s a recycle bin close to the mailboxes. Most people would say “EWWW” because they automatically think of nasty, smelly trash bins. But we savvy couponers KNOW newspapers bins are perfectly fine to dive into.
  4. Try to find coffee houses, libraries and places where people read the paper in your area and hit them up on Sundays.
  5. Join or start up a coupon train and exchange coupons with the members.

I personally think its just plain easier to purchase them, and the extras from friends definitely still come in handy but they are not a primary source.

Manufacturers have actually been cracking down on the distribution of the extra inserts left over from Sunday recently. So having hundreds of extra inserts delivered to your home is probably not an option for the average couponer, as was portrayed on Extreme couponing. I’ve actually asked around at gas stations, drugstores, and such but can’t seem to find anywhere where they willing hand over the extras. So my advice will be to look for deals, such as subscribing to the newspaper in your area especially if you aren’t having much luck with getting free inserts.

What has your experience been with getting extra inserts?

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