Summer Cook Out – Coupons, Tips, and Deals

If you’ve got big (or small) grilling plans for this weekend we’ve scored some great deals on a couple of grilling staples:

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Now sausage and burgers are something of a grilling tradition – but how about when you want to stray from the beaten path? Check out these creative grilling recipes from the guys in the chef hats -

Fish — Tucker Yoder, chef at The Clifton Inn, Charlottesville, Va takes the “fishy” right out of the fish with this recipe.
Stuff a whole fish with lime, cilantro, jalapeno, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic and a bit of oil.  Place directly onto the grill until it’s cooked through, but still flaky and juicy.  Serve with fresh tortillas, salsa, lime, sliced avocado and rice.

Grilled Asparagus — Brant Tesky, chef at Acadiana, Washington, DC, takes a break from steaks and burgers with simple grilled asparagus.
Brush with olive oil and marinate the long green stems with crushed red pepper and lemon zest, then grill until it has a nice even char on the outside.

Steak — Peter Smith, chef at top-rated PS7s Restaurant, Washington, DC, keeps it simple with a rub of Kosher salt, black pepper, rosemary and garlic.  Serve with a salad and grilled veggies.

New England Clambake — Chef Chris Jakubiec, of Plume at The Jefferson, Washington, DC, says you can recreate an entire traditional New England clambake on the grill. The quintessential dish is lobsters, corn, potatoes, clams and corn on the cob.  Put everything on the grill together, seasoned with nothing more than salt, pepper and butter.

Ribs – Start the day before, by slow-cooking ribs, or a leg of lamb ‘sous vide’, which is moist slow-cooking.  Or, just marinate them overnight in your favorite barbecue sauce. In the morning, fire up the grill, set it on low, and continue the slow, fall-off-the-bone cooking, says chef Michael Gottlieb of Red Fish Grill, New Orleans, LA

Short ribs – The favorite outdoor meal for the family of Chris Clime, chef at  PassionFish, Reston, Va., is Korean-style boneless short ribs.  Slice the ribs thinly and marinate in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame seeds, sesame oil, sliced green onions and sugar for a few hours. Grill at a high temperature and serve with brown rice.”

Pizza – It’s too hot for long grilling outdoors in the summer in New Orleans, so chef Haley Bittermann of the Ralph Brennan’s Restaurant Group likes quick-grilling foods such as veggies, or Louisiana crabmeat, on pizza dough, which also grills quickly.  Her recipe is to wrap fresh asparagus, beets, corn, onions and garlic – or crabmeat and caramelized onions – in foil and grill alongside the pizza dough, then assemble the toppings onto the browned crust, and add grated cheese.


Extra tip: Before you throw any “shrimp on the barbie” this summer be sure to get it smokin’ hot and scrape off all the leftover debris from the racks so you don’t have any unexpected dinner guests or leftover scraps from last summer sneaking into your latest creation!


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