Car Art Lap Desk

You’re probably scratching your head thinking “What the heck does THIS have to do with using coupons”? If you are planning on buying a Car Art Lap Desk, or really like the idea – this WILL help you save you money. I love to sew and make projects for and with my grand daughters, and so I wanted to share this very easy, creative and much needed art tool for your tots ~ (not the tater kind).

My daughter, husband and the babies will have a 15 hour drive from KS to GA, so Nonnie (me) wants to make sure our budding artist, Moriah, 2 1/2, will have a lap desk for the loooong drive back to KS. If you do not own a sewing machine you might want to ask a friend to sew this VERY easy project for you; it calls for very little fabric; which  you will have a lot of fun choosing.  If you want to pay him/her for being ever so kind to sew for you keep checking out the deals on I have several $25 gift cards on hand at all times when I need to give a “thank you” gift.  If you call you can order cards that actually look like gift cards, not printable e-cards. But wait until they’re a GREAT deal; like $2 for a $25 card. Just a thought.

Here is what you will need for this nifty project.


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