Coupon Coach Advice – Matching Coupons 101

Match coupons with sales and promotions – While getting regular items on the grocery and using free coupons to purchase them will give you a few dollars worth of savings, getting the already discounted brands and matching them with your free coupons will earn you more value for your money. Combining free coupons with sales is the number one, most effective way to get the very best deals out of your shopping, including getting free products. For example, if you have a coupon for $.50 for a peanut butter jar on sale for $.99, you can often double that coupon to $1 and you end up getting your peanut butter jar for free! But there are times when you cannot double your $1 free coupons and the best way to use them is to use them on trial sizes of products, travel sizes, or single serve products. These smaller versions of products are most often priced at $1 or less so if you do the math, you can also get them for free when you use your free coupons at the counter!

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  1. Molly Baldwin Portegosa says:

    The grocery coupons have the good thing about getting usable with many retailers rather than together with only one manufacturer or even retailer.

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