Handling Holiday Returns


Will it be easy to return gifts this year? The good news is that it will be much easier than before. Retailers have changed a lot of their policies, they are allowing consumers to hold on to product for a longer period of time. Big box stores such as Walmart & Target allow 90 days.

Because stores have been touting holiday promotions as early as September, in some cases - they will start counting the days for returns AFTER Christmas. In some cases it will go into spring.

These days you typically don’t need a receipt to return an item, but there are are exceptions. Most stores won’t take back electronics; they are being very strict with this. If they do allow you to keep electronics it is one month at the most, two weeks in most cases.

If you return a Smart phone or Tablet from AT&T Verizion and take them out of the packing it can mean restocking fees up to 25%.

Retailers are making rules more flexible in regards to shipping and returns, which will lead to more sales for them. If you return something, you will more than likely buy something. If you don’t have a receipt you get a store credit; so they win either way.


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