Is Black Friday Worth It?

Is Black Friday Worth It?

I’ve been asked “is Black Friday worth it?” a lot over the last several days, and it has me thinking. I always hear people tell me how much they love shopping Black Friday, and I get a sudden thrill when I hear about the deals people get. But there is always more to a story, and here are some thoughts I will leave you to ponder while as you plan your shopping this week.

Reasons why Black Friday may not be worth it:

1. I post deals every day on my site that would be Black Friday worthy, and are actually sometimes better than the deals you get on Black Friday.

2. Stores offer amazing doorbusters, and then not so great deals on other items in hopes that you will buy more while you are shopping. There seems to be a general mindset that if something is a Black Friday deal, then it is a good deal. This is a FALSE belief, and stores are counting on you believing this and purchasing the “not-so-great-deals.”

3. The rush and excitement that is Black Friday leads to more impulse choices. I don’t know about you, but I always end up grabbing more at the grocery store when I am stressed and in a hurry. Black Friday makes us worried an item will sell out, so we may buy it just for the sake of “getting it.”

4. The prices I see this year, while some of them are good, are not any better than what I have seen in the past few weeks. For me, Black Friday is every day.

5. Once Black Friday is over, stores will be competing like crazy to have the rest of your holiday shopping. The deals don’t end with Black Friday, they just get better! So don’t throw all your eggs into one day, er …um…. basket.

6. Better deals are being offered online for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They are better because not only can you use coupon codes to get great discounts and free shipping, but you can also use a cash back site (it’s free!) to earn money back on all your shopping. I’ll be wearing my PJ’s to Black Friday, what about you?

So how do I answer the question, “is Black Friday worth it”? I respond with: it is only worth it if you are getting a good deal on something you NEED.

Share your thoughts with us. Despite all I have said, I know a lot of you out there are completely devoted to heading out on Black Friday. Do you think Black Friday is worth it?

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