By far THE best deal of the day! I would have gotten 1 more bag of rice but it was in my Publix envelope – my bad. I will donate all of the bags of rice to my church.

2 Glade plug in refills (Rock bottom price & 2 coupons)

All laundry detergent ( Kroger& Mfgr couopns)

Dr. Pepper (FREE coupon)

2-Scotch scrubbers (Mfgr & printable coupons)

French’s mustard – (GREAT price & coupon)  My son graduated from UGA. This will be in his stocking. SHHHH!

Dove “Winter Soap” – (Kroger&Mfgr coupons) Can’t wait to try this soap!

TOTAL: $6.99

OOP $1.01    THIS, is why I love using coupons and finding rock bottom deals.



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