Sunday Circulars = Gold!

You’ve seen the commercials on TV expounding how much money you can make if you sell your gold jewelry,or other gold items. Right now GOLD  is going up higher than any other item out there. If you have watched my videos you know how emphatically I suggest you buy several Sunday newspapers for the circulars, which are typically Red Plum (RP) Smart Source (SS)  Proctor & Gamble (P&G) and General Mills (GM).

Treat your circulars as if they were Gold and keep them until you get THE best deal for all of the coupons in them, just as you would as if you were selling your Gold jewelry. You see, even though you CAN print coupons from the internet, most deals come from the Sunday circulars. Yes, you can download coupons to your store(s) loyalty cards, but in many instances they just don’t work, which I have seen first hand. And, some stores do  not have loyalty cards. When you look for your weekly deals you will see a scenario like this:

1 Colgate Optic White toothpaste, on sale for $3. $2 coupon found in RP 7/4. You go to your folder where you keep your circulars, find Red Plum from 7/4, find the coupon(s) and cut them. You CAN do a search for this product and might find a printable coupon, but if it says mfgr you cannot use it with any from the circulars.

(This is a scenario – I am using the date and circular for demonstration purposes).

Buy your Sunday newspapers, collate and file your circulars, treat them like GOLD, and use them when there is a deal, or when YOU find one.

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