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I LOVE brown rice, but I don’t LIKE how long it takes to cook. I just recently learned that I can freeze cooked rice. I have been making double batches of casseroles, cookies, cakes, etc. for years, so when I learned about the rice I was thrilled. You simply cook it  according to pkg directions, but remove from stove or microwave 5 minutes before it’s through cooking. Let it cool a bit and then measure 1 cup into a baggie, flatten and squeeze the air out and lay them flat in your freezer. When you’re ready to use the rice, remove it from the freezer, open a small edge of the baggie and cook for 3 minutes. Voila! Rice in a jif!



Of course I HAD to form a “T” for Tammie. But I have a good excuse this time – the brown rice in clear bags does not look very appealing, especially when I originally had it stacked on top of each other. Be sure to write directions on how to cook the rice on each bag in case you forget, or someone else wants to cook it but doesn’t know/remember how to.

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