I must say that I did very well at Walmart. I LOVE using items¬† to make the initial of my first name “Tammie” – so I chose 10 Oral B flosses this time.

Walmart brand raisins (No coupon – on sale)

Planters pnuts (Coupon)

2-Texas Pete Hot Sauce (2 mfgr coupons)

Lyson wipes (Main in rebate makes it free)

Walmart Napkins (no coupons – great deal)

9 pkgs UP2U chewing gum (Mfgr Coupons)

Colgate Optic White toothpaste (On sale/Mfgr coupon) I have been watching this item to go on sale.

10 Travel size Tide (Buy two/mfgr coupon)

6 Folders for my coupon classes (.25 each)

2 pkgs razors with $3 coupon inside for later use!

TOTAL: $38.83

OOP: $13.94

Final: $10.94 (minus $3 rebate)

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  1. Di Anna B says:

    On the 22nd I went to walmart and got:

    7- travel size tide (ended up being different prices)
    2- Silk Soy Milk (ended up being $1.35 each)
    2- Farmer John sausage packages (ended up being free)
    1- Cover Girl eye shadow (ended up being free)
    1- Cover Girl blush (ended up being free)
    2- Mtn Dews (full price)
    1- travel size toothpaste (ended up being free)
    2- minute maid 10 pk juice boxes (ended up being .98 each)

    Total was $38.46

    I paid $12.50

    • CouponCoach says:

      Di Anna,
      Thank you so much for sharing your deals with us- you saved more than half on that shopping trip. You need to post pics of your deals to your FB page to show your family/friends what you have done and will continue to do. Be sure to tell them about and ask them to like us on fb, so that they, too, can save a ton of their hard earned money.
      Keep it up, you’re doing an amazing job!
      Coach Tammie

    • CouponCoach says:

      Di Anna B,
      THANK YOU so much for sharing your Walmart SCORE! You did good, girlfriend. You saved over half on your total bill – don’t you just love that feeling? I am glad that you showed that you paid full price for Mt Dew, yet still paid very little OOP at the end. Keep on posting your deals; we love hearing from our COUPON COACH SHOPPERS!

  2. michelle montroy says:

    i have just started couponing.i thought it was a good idea since ive lost my job to help save money, but so far it has not been a good expierience. the websites keep saying free coupons but i have yet to really get them i just keep getting redirected to other sites and never get to print out any coupons. im really looking for laundry coupons and grocery coupons. it looks so easy but so far it hasnt been for me! any suggestions?

    • CouponCoach says:

      I am so sorry you are having issues. The good news is that I am here to help you. Our site lets you print grocery coupons, which are on the 2nd tab of our home page. Scroll down and you will see a LOT of sites to choose from; and don’t forget about Target. Go to, type in COUPONS in the search area, and row after row of coupons appear, some of which are Target coupons and some are mfgr A lot of local stores accept Target coupons, depending upon where you live.
      One thing that may be wrong is that you haven’t downloaded a printer tool for the coupons you are directed to; most sites step you through it.
      Be sure to set your printer at BLANK INK ONLY to save on colored ink.
      If you have further questions or issues please contact me, I am more than happy to help you.

  3. alexa says:

    hi i will like to know how you got this item for free…

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