What You May Not Know About Target Coupons

I LOVE Target coupons – you can do so many things with them! Like what, you ask? When you go to www.target.com and click on their coupons and then print them, some are MFGR ones and some are Target Store Coupons. You don’t know what you will get until you have printed them. Well, if the coupon says “Archer Farms” that means it’s a Target brand product/coupon. In addition, you can find Target store coupons in the Sunday Circulars. Why is this big deal?

Here’s where it gets good. Target will accept one of their coupons, along with a mfgr coupon and a “blinkie”, which is basically a Smart Source Coupon – not to be confused with ones that come from Smart Source Circulars.

I feel so bad for folks who don’t live in the south because they don’t know about biscuits and gravy, sweet tea, pinto beans and corn bread, AND they don’t have Publix grocery stores. Bless their hearts.

At Publix you can stack a Target store coupon, Kroger store coupon, Publix store coupon, Mftr and Blinkie. Yep, that’s FIVE coupons in one store! I think y’all should petition Publix to get them up north and out west. Just last week I SCORED big time by using a Publix coupon with a mfgr coupon. I bought 4 pkgs of Poise pads and got $3.19 back! YEE HA!!

OK, back to Target. Most everybody has Target in their area; they’re like Walmart, they’re everywhere. Ask your store if they will accept Target coupons along with competitor store coupons and Blinkies. In most cases if you get $3-$5 off an item you’re getting a good deal; even if it’s not at its rock bottom price.

Most Target coupons make you buy two items, but there is the exception to the rule. Just this past Sunday I found a few that are for one item only, and I just happen to have a mfgr coupon to stack with it. So, Target or Publix . . . here I come!

If you’re a seasoned couponer you probably know all this, plus more than me, but if you’re a newbie, shout HALLELUIAH and go directly to target.com, do not stop to check your email, go directly to target.com and click and print away!

Well now, that felt so good to get off my chest. Bless your little hearts for reading my ever so long post.

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